The Freedom Factory Has a MAJOR Track Problem... (LeMullets Damage Report)

Film og animasjon

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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland15 dager siden

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  • Joe Maddox

    Joe Maddox

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  • Eli Harris

    Eli Harris

    8 dager siden

    Let me come down from bama and pave that for you

  • GttiqwT


    10 dager siden

    Hey Cleetus, would you be willing to sell a pair/set of your spotlights off a crown vic? do you have an email I can contact you with?

  • sharpshooter jojo

    sharpshooter jojo

    12 dager siden

    "you miiight as well be driftin on the sun"

  • Rodney Harris

    Rodney Harris

    13 dager siden

    I never understood putting devices in your house to give other people permission to monitor you

  • Vari8nt
    Vari8nt20 timer siden

    was i the only one who thought that c5 was a FD RX7 at first?

  • Vari8nt
    Vari8nt20 timer siden

    bruh make up ur mind with the beard, is it there? is it not? do you have a gotee? or no?

  • Emanuel Ceccarini
    Emanuel Ceccarini2 dager siden

    You could sell pieces of the asphalt, I guess people would buy those.

  • hbgriss
    hbgriss2 dager siden

    Ahhh NOlocal’s paying big. Just have the track re poured. Find some Craigslist or offer up concrete guys to fox ya up. Haha 🤣You guys have the $$ now. 😳🥺🤘🏼

  • DK Goodrich
    DK Goodrich3 dager siden

    Who's the blonde at 3:09 ?

  • Alvars Dzenis
    Alvars Dzenis4 dager siden

    just re-surface the track with concrete and start having weekly oval track events again. drifting??? most racers consider that the "synchronized swimming of motorsports" lol.

  • synbow
    synbow5 dager siden

    how long do you think before ol Cleet just make a video saying ''well dang, we completely re-asphalt the track" ?

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse5 dager siden

    That little drone was the best thing so far...

  • Assassin Man
    Assassin Man5 dager siden

    Who’s the baddie in black in the background lmao

    STEEL ROCKS5 dager siden

    yeah some of that is gonna be tear out and replace. you guys use infrared burner trucks down there like asphalt repair companies use in greatlakes area?

  • John Haggerty
    John Haggerty6 dager siden

    Damn! You can definitely drift like a pro👍🏻

  • Dani over
    Dani over6 dager siden

    That white Vette looks like and RX7 with the body kit.

  • madmike shine
    madmike shine6 dager siden

    I would like to have a couple of those vics . Demolition derby cars lol

  • Scott Kelley
    Scott Kelley6 dager siden

    The LCN is having a panic attack.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper6 dager siden

    What's for dinner? Mullet and Pork Chops obviously.

  • Qauzy
    Qauzy6 dager siden

    on the potholes that you have right now. and considering the amount of murican peso's it cost to redo a entire track. it looks great. in my opinion it doesn't look that bad at all! (i have nothing to base this of on). but considering that the track you bought is pretty dated. and having your first big event with some crazy awesome nutjob's doing some pretty rough stuff on it! you (i think) could not wish for a better outcome. right now you see how the foundation is holding on, where the foundation got washed away overtime, or the asphalt was just bad in general. i believe you said in a vid when you just got this place, that the asphalt is pretty much just stacked on top of each other over the years. and if you are going to replace the entire top layer of asphalt i would recommend to get some info on how the netherlands renew their roads. (take it with a grain of salt) because I am a dutch man, and just like you murican guys i am proud of my country. but i haven't experienced smoother roads outside of the netherlands. no idea how it would hold up to drifting tho.. PS... if this entire comment doesn't make sense.. it's 2 am with a few drinks down the drain. and i kind of want to delete this instead of posting :)

  • Petranilla14
    Petranilla147 dager siden

    People were wondering why there was a PPV!! This is why!!! when things get damaged it costs money to fix and/or replace !! That place costs money to upkeep and I am sure he has a few employees to pay.

  • John Hainer
    John Hainer7 dager siden

    whats up with the general lee

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo7 dager siden

    Just replace all that silly asphalt with good ole clay. Then you’ll see some racin’

  • Jerry Foreman
    Jerry Foreman7 dager siden

    Great content! Keep it up!

    CLINE FAM7 dager siden

    Some videos fixing the track be cool🤙🏼

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    7 dager siden

    Nothing a few thousand tubes of JB Weld won’t fix.

  • Zwick
    Zwick7 dager siden


  • MrHeavyzz4
    MrHeavyzz48 dager siden

    I pay for premium NOlocal so that I do not have to deal with commercials .

  • Stellor Lucas
    Stellor Lucas8 dager siden

    My corvette is the best corvette because its a drifting corvette.

  • driojal
    driojal8 dager siden

  • jeremy H
    jeremy H8 dager siden

    I respect you, for respecting your grass. Hire me for your badass grounds guy.

  • Johnathan Hornsey
    Johnathan Hornsey8 dager siden

    Need to crack fill after you're patch work to keep them from getting broken around

  • 86 Olds 442
    86 Olds 4428 dager siden

    What a shame. That track surface used to be so smoothe. And that track was fast as shit. We were in the low 11 second lap times there. Now looks like about a 15 second track

  • Steady
    Steady8 dager siden

    I love that blue corvette freaking dream vehicle ❤️

  • Cody Monko
    Cody Monko8 dager siden

    Ok i dont know much about racing tracks and what they use to make them. But im pretty sure you could just fill the pot hole with some cement. Doesnt seem like a major problem like the thumb nail suggests. Maybe im wrong idk.

  • adam bamf
    adam bamf8 dager siden

    if its cracking then water will get under the seal and start to pit you need to seal or eliminate all of the cracks in the seal

  • Bill Joel
    Bill Joel8 dager siden

    fix your pothole and then 𝐏𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐄𝐀𝐋-𝐂𝐎𝐀𝐓 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐓𝐎𝐏...if water get down in the cracks it causes your base to deteriorate

  • wamiam
    wamiam8 dager siden

    Sell chunks of the freedom canyon through the website. Let us get a piece of the freedom factory you'd normally just throw away. What's there to lose lol

  • Airsoft Outback
    Airsoft Outback8 dager siden

    He’s casually walking and there’s just a Bronco!! Where’d that come from!!!! I love Broncos I have a basically rust free all original 96 xlt

  • wojecire
    wojecire8 dager siden

    Good job youtube, I just got the notification for this vid dropping lul, almost a week after watching it for the first time.

  • Robert B
    Robert B8 dager siden

    Nothing a few thousand tubes of JB Weld won’t fix.

  • Pat W
    Pat W8 dager siden

    Do you just put freedom in every title as clickbait?

  • ace steel
    ace steel9 dager siden

    Cletus and everyone else my fellow citizens freedom and liberty lovers you are operating on a platform that hates you that suppresses you wherever you dare Express an opinion by operating on this platform you continue to put money in their coffers you think that money is going to support liberty and freedom this country remaining a constitutional republic you think that's going to those kind of candidates think that's going to those kind of organizations no it's not .if you wish to have my eyes my ears if you're sponsors wish to have my eyes or my ears any of you fellow NOlocalrs then you better find a different platform that's not part of the tech tyrants you will not be able to get access to me any longer till you do. If that's too much for you then keeping liberty and freedom keeping this a constitutional republic for the people by the people of the people having the right to vote in a vote that is legitimately counted it's too much of a bother for you enjoy the money and prestige from your sellout until eventually the people you sold out to also consume you!

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni9 dager siden

    she told me he has watched it like 5 Times after we watched it live.

  • Big J
    Big J9 dager siden

    The pandemic is real and having an influencer with the size audience that Garret has perpetuate that mask wearing is an infringement of ones individual freedoms is where I draw the line. It doesn’t matter which political camp you’re in, it is scientifically proven that wearing a mask helps to flatten the curve. If you don’t feel that way may I implore you to volunteer at your local Catholic Hospital. I’m sure they need help and you can get a glimpse of the effects of the pandemic in person.

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    9 dager siden

    Love this show, wake up early just to watch it ??

  • Tucker VanDeWostine
    Tucker VanDeWostine9 dager siden

    You should replace the track surface.

  • Anthony Deroy
    Anthony Deroy9 dager siden

    Meanwhile I'm dreaming of a crown vic and in france they cost 10k

  • Irving Rodriguez
    Irving Rodriguez9 dager siden

    How American they’re all corvettes

  • niftertube
    niftertube9 dager siden


  • Kenneth Owenby
    Kenneth Owenby9 dager siden

    Make a go pro box into repair area would be a really cool shot for races

  • ethan becker
    ethan becker10 dager siden

    shouldve worn the headphones you got for leroy and ruby

  • Cammi Rosanov
    Cammi Rosanov10 dager siden

    First time I saw Cleetus, he was stuffing rubber chickens up his exhaust.. Now look at 'im go! Cool.

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    9 dager siden

    You only a race track hire a full-time landscaper 🍻🍻🍻

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster10 dager siden

    Does Cleetus, His Event Crew Or The Fans, Attending Cleetus & Cars 2020...Respect Medical Personnel Or First Responders..?? “HELL NO...BROTHER...!!” Maybe 1% Of The Fans Attending, Wore Masks.. And In The Videos...NOT ONCE DID I SEE CLEETUS, Or “ANY” Of His Event Staff, EVER WEAR A MASK! Hope You Feel Good Cleet...By Profiting Off Of A Couple Deaths!! Way To Go...BROTHER..!!! Fu*king Piece Of Sh*T..!!

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    9 dager siden

    I love the vid so funny aha

  • crazycat
    crazycat10 dager siden

    The next motorsport you want to dominate in :

  • TyBoss
    TyBoss10 dager siden

    Of all cars whistlin diesels is one that he mentions as not that bad😂😂😂 I'm surprised

  • David Molling
    David Molling10 dager siden

    Hey Cleetus you have one of the best you tube channels ever. I have been trying to catch up on everything, even last years stuff you have put on. If you ever want to unload a Crown Vic, i would be happy to have one. HELL YEAH BROTHER. Keep up the good work. DO IT FOR DALE .From the FORD man DAVE.

  • Ronnie Mac Jr
    Ronnie Mac Jr10 dager siden

    Still looks smoother than every road in my town 😂

  • frank magee live long and be happy
    frank magee live long and be happy10 dager siden

    I would rip the hole track up and relay it with reinforced concrete slab Version for the course

  • Grady Browning
    Grady Browning10 dager siden

    Cleet is like a Old Man with that Grass.(you punks get off my lawn) Lol

  • James Park
    James Park10 dager siden

    If theres any dirt or crushed rock under that tore up wearing course put some cement powder in it and some water to stabilize the subgrade then chuck in ya asphalt

  • GoldFish Ninja
    GoldFish Ninja10 dager siden

    Another flooded track hiring RJ

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan10 dager siden

    That is actually probably the nicest I’ve ever seen one of Whistlin Diesel‘s cars

  • YLFY


    8 dager siden

    Shauka Hodan ikr😂

  • Jacob Boudreaux
    Jacob Boudreaux10 dager siden

    You need a compacted subgrade, base, then have about 6-8” of asphalt. Or 16,000 psi concrete. All cracks in concrete start from the base. And will keep cracking if the base isn’t replaced.

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    10 dager siden

    I like 1. The longer one is better

  • Rithius3485
    Rithius348510 dager siden

    how much is to buy a race track??

  • GttiqwT
    GttiqwT10 dager siden

    Hello Cleetus is there anyway I can get in contact with you. I am looking to purchase a pair/set of spotlights off one of your crown victoria's. Please let me know! Thanks

  • GttiqwT
    GttiqwT10 dager siden

    Yo cleetus could I please please buy a pair of spotlights from one of your crown vics? please I will pay some serious money.

  • la pina
    la pina10 dager siden

    Can somebody tell me when they went all Hollywood

  • madjh8
    madjh811 dager siden

    Cut a good section, take out all the material and add some gravel. Compact the gravel and add asphalt. Instead of Gravel, you gand add Gravel + cement. But it shoud be done in a big section, a special machine mix the soil with cement and it is expensive but it last for a long time if not for ever. Them test with some long drift sessions to check if there is a bump between transitions of old track and new 🛵

  • OF brotherhood
    OF brotherhood11 dager siden

    You only a race track hire a full-time landscaper 🍻🍻🍻

  • Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez11 dager siden

    You should talk to preferred materials about getting some paving done.

  • james thomas
    james thomas11 dager siden

    looks like you need to resurface whole track to make it to have big race on

  • adam s
    adam s11 dager siden

    Id never drift or drive on anyone's grass , that's a dickhead move.. alot of people that their lawns serious , like hank hill

  • Dstorm Connection
    Dstorm Connection11 dager siden

    Would be cool if you had one of those mechanical rabbit things on the runner like they do at dog tracks, except replace the rabbit with a camera so that the camera could keep up with the cars, I'm sure it wouldent take much to build the metal railing? And youd be able to change the speed to keep up with different cars? Just a thought ;) you would get awesome footage that would be one of a kind. Those mechanical rabbit thingos go over 90mph o.o

  • sparkplug1018


    10 dager siden

    As cool as that would be, id expect the rail to survive about 3 laps. Because you know someone is going to have an "oops" and take it out, probably on purpose because why not?

  • Dstorm Connection
    Dstorm Connection11 dager siden

    As long as you compact it all underneath you won't have a problem!

  • Richard Arbogast
    Richard Arbogast11 dager siden

    Can i come down and just have you pay me 20 bucks an event to just run around with a fire extinguisher?😂😂 hell i'll do it for free

    DARANGULAFILM11 dager siden

    You have a lot of work ahead of you. All the cracks in the surface need to have coldfix drizzled into them to seal the rainfall out or the water blisters and little pipes which form under the pavement will be the gift which keeps on giving.

  • Owen Harris
    Owen Harris11 dager siden

    I swear security systems are all the rage now days

  • chad sulski
    chad sulski11 dager siden

    those are almost michigan sized pot holes!!

  • John Franks
    John Franks11 dager siden

    If you need to redo the entire thing rather than patching it DM me on Instagram. My boss has done asphalt work for 20 plus years. And we would gladly do it, we can work out a price for it when we check it out fully

  • Ryan Kestenblatt
    Ryan Kestenblatt11 dager siden

    Fuck yeah cleetus

  • Derek Stewart
    Derek Stewart11 dager siden

    there should be a freedom factory event that's got like jumps in the corners obstacles all kinds of stuff just total chaos and mayhem

  • Xàphán of the Nightfall
    Xàphán of the Nightfall11 dager siden

    Thermal sensors are SIMPLY fooled by a can of compressed air for cleaning PC's

  • RS Media
    RS Media11 dager siden

    I have simplisafe and I gotta say, I love it

  • frank
    frank11 dager siden

    cleetus did you all get the track fixed yet we can shave it and refinish it with the shavings

  • woody0182
    woody018211 dager siden

    Holy crap!!! Is that O.J.’s Bronco?!?!?

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson11 dager siden

    Alex is just a budget James! Change my mind

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson11 dager siden

    Stop with the advertisments, sell out. I am going to quit watching your channel bro

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi11 dager siden

    How much you have built up since i found this channel is AMAZING. So awesome to watch this grow into what it is today

  • Davo Sayco
    Davo Sayco11 dager siden

    Track needs re doing, especially the corners first

  • truth seeker1995
    truth seeker199511 dager siden

    You and your grass're a multi millionaire at this point. If we were friends I would tear up your grass every chance I had!!! Get over the grass and keep having fun.

  • mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    11 dager siden

    All around spicy unit hahaha

  • Illegal Dippers
    Illegal Dippers11 dager siden

    Needs a good overlay or patch work them seal coat it stay off the track a week and itll look great

  • Abe Kowitz
    Abe Kowitz11 dager siden

    Step away from the st. Augustine grass. Just use Bahia and you won’t need to irrigate.

  • Crosby Verheyen
    Crosby Verheyen11 dager siden

    oh uh

  • Mike M
    Mike M11 dager siden

    That whole track needs repaired. $$$$

  • Devin Anderson
    Devin Anderson11 dager siden

    how much would it cost to repave the whole track?

  • Mario
    Mario11 dager siden

    Hey Cleet, just an idea but Get mic’d up! You could’ve pulled off the simply safe ad with a mic on the brain bucket!

  • Yurindeep
    Yurindeep11 dager siden

    SimpliSafe is not all that secure. LockPickingLawyer did a video on it (Video 935) back in August of 2019. I think Cleetus might want to check that video.

  • Chris Storer
    Chris Storer11 dager siden

    I think it was a year ago I mentioned something about those holes near the inside of the track and how it would get worse...

  • thephranc
    thephranc11 dager siden

    Need to have a soil survey done. the underlying foundation of that track looks a bit tired.

  • greg richards
    greg richards11 dager siden

    Time to Mill it and lay it back then apply fresh black top

  • f r e e b i r d
    f r e e b i r d11 dager siden

    concrete, concrete, concrete!

  • xander hills
    xander hills11 dager siden

    Ya needa put bigger fences up on the outside so no one goes flyin over the wall and you need some walls along the grass so no one goes through it

  • Bryan lozoya
    Bryan lozoya11 dager siden

    5:25 when the only NOlocalr there known for completely totaling cars has the most working and untouched car...

  • Alexander Gates
    Alexander Gates11 dager siden

    Doing patch work just means your wasting money. Just redoing the whole thing is your best option. You wasted 40,000 on patches for more to show up. Not just that you make hot spots with different temperatures. from 1991 to now tracks we have are different then the 1980s. Today's tracks have More grip because of different composite. I have been to old and new tracks for track days when i had my car. Big differences in soft or hard tired to be used for turns. i know a company here in Paris Texas that can help you out with quotes. We work all over the United States helping old tracks like yours.