Our First Time Driving WAR BIRD!!! This Thing is INSANE!! (1,700hp Australian Burnout Car)

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  • bad74maverick1
    bad74maverick13 timer siden

    Mines not Australian, but I do love my 60' Falcon Ranchero. 66' 289 4 speed with a mustang II rear end. My first car. And I still got her!

  • Chicago UI
    Chicago UI4 timer siden

    You should name it the road warrior

  • Chicago UI
    Chicago UI5 timer siden

    What motor is in that thing? Little lopey isn’t it

  • Wicked Moto
    Wicked Moto6 timer siden

    Next video “1700 HP Ferrari does its first skid” lol

  • Boy Stanley
    Boy Stanley8 timer siden

    Can someone tell me why the engine idle like that?.. It really cool😁

  • DIOSpeedDemon
    DIOSpeedDemon9 timer siden

    Only problem i see is the Steering wheel is on THE WRONG SIDe of the car!!!

  • DIOSpeedDemon
    DIOSpeedDemon9 timer siden

    When i was a young man in My America in the late 60s and early 70s, these cars were all over and listening to roaring V-8s on Friday and saturday night downtown. great video. RH DSD

  • Michael Hartzell
    Michael Hartzell10 timer siden

    Well one thing, they dont make there cars for giraffes or American hight!

  • Anton Noles
    Anton Noles14 timer siden

    Nigel Noles, How good is this old Ford

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  • johnnybarbar
    johnnybarbar16 timer siden

    Noise cancelling headsets for the critical players in these situations can save you heartache and $$$$.

  • Pieter Ouborg
    Pieter OuborgDag siden

    Road legal in all countries that allow comically sized engines!

  • Cesar Mathies
    Cesar MathiesDag siden

    That car idols at 40 mph

  • RHYS Fagan
    RHYS FaganDag siden

    this amazing machine makes TOAST look like a girls bike

  • John Guilbert
    John GuilbertDag siden

    Murica FYeah!

  • Spencer Beales
    Spencer BealesDag siden

    I hope that unit has power steering

  • Poly Hexamethyl
    Poly HexamethylDag siden

    4:10 What is wrong with this picture? They spent $50,000 on the engine and $10 on the paint job? :-)

  • bjo daddyo
    bjo daddyoDag siden

    That thing is doing 40mph on idle

  • bjo daddyo
    bjo daddyoDag siden

    Where's the periscope to see over the engine?

  • Bruce Jahnke
    Bruce JahnkeDag siden

    Why do they "gallop" like that? Is it because of the cam shaft?

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac MillerDag siden

    Just nutted in my drawers..HELL YEAH BROTHER!!!

  • Michael Busch
    Michael Busch2 dager siden


  • Sharon Kasper
    Sharon Kasper2 dager siden

    As an American, I hear a rumble down under.....A BIG RUMBLE DOWN UNDER.... real sweet sound you guys. Nice job.

  • Drew
    Drew2 dager siden

    That was more like a 2.5 second burnout

  • Jim ren
    Jim ren2 dager siden

    I'm thinkin' 50 state street legal, right? Friggin' terrifying.

  • Crap Hitting The Fan
    Crap Hitting The Fan2 dager siden

    Way Too bad it has a Chevy engine, I really thought it might be a Ford Big Block.

  • David Yummus
    David Yummus2 dager siden

    Huh,... I'm not the only grumpy Australian in America ;)

  • The_Final Ascent
    The_Final Ascent2 dager siden

    How's the mileage? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Super Troll
    Super Troll2 dager siden

    Ah just what i need for runs to 7.11.

  • Stoner
    Stoner2 dager siden


  • Braeden Hamer
    Braeden Hamer2 dager siden

    Reminds me of Australia

  • mike Lane
    mike Lane2 dager siden

    more motor than car !

  • John Bowen
    John Bowen2 dager siden


  • Du4-fpv
    Du4-fpv2 dager siden

    Damn someone there has a sexy blue CAT EYED CHEVY just like mine with stepside bed even but mine is silver and on 24s soon to be twin turbskied and ready for the burnout pad!

  • Michael Mullins
    Michael Mullins2 dager siden

    Hell yeah brother , there’s a Aussie in the house ✅

  • Kieron Jones
    Kieron Jones2 dager siden

    Were do you guys get all your cash to build such machines ,

  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander2 dager siden

    That’s one mean falcon

  • mike leschber
    mike leschber2 dager siden

    this may be the most useless vehicle ever......in other words....I want it!

  • Edzinator
    Edzinator3 dager siden

    Cleetus, fyi you can rotate the throttle knob for fine tuning idle.

  • Frankz Nbeanz
    Frankz Nbeanz3 dager siden

    @8:40 who the hell needs a street sweeper when you got this thing driving around!

  • Randy Kovach
    Randy Kovach3 dager siden


  • Robert Hinkle
    Robert Hinkle3 dager siden

    You all work on bad ass cars I’m a bit jealous cletuss lol

  • Bruce Waldbauer
    Bruce Waldbauer3 dager siden

    That is one amazing engine !! Your winning the war on gutless !!

  • Nitro Junkie
    Nitro Junkie3 dager siden

    That thing is a fucking beast!

  • Swamp Rat
    Swamp Rat3 dager siden

    There is nothing like the smell of rubber smoke in the morning. Gotta love it!

  • Jess Sain
    Jess Sain3 dager siden

    Great video but it had more popups than Pamela Anderson in a room full of 14 year olds.

  • Mike Usa
    Mike Usa3 dager siden

    Shake n Bake would tear that car up....more like 3-4000 HP n thats no daily driver thats for sure!!

  • Len H
    Len H3 dager siden

    So my 68 SS Nova with a blown 572 that makes 1500 horsepower. It is fuel Injected, it runs off a laptop. I am confused... But what do I know I guess 300 more makes it all that harder to run?

  • HotRodX
    HotRodX3 dager siden

    1700hp Australian is like 2000HP US isnt it? ;)

  • HotRodX
    HotRodX3 dager siden

    That facial hair x)

  • Lance Cullinane
    Lance Cullinane3 dager siden

    Kinda like p 51 performance!

  • david giddens
    david giddens3 dager siden

    Insane dudes

  • WeTubule
    WeTubule3 dager siden

    12:09 Misplaced trust. They were told to provide 10 sec of data. He says here he only ran it 5 seconds. In fact it was less than 3.

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair3 dager siden

    GARETT!!! ROCK THOSE BURNS!!! THINK JAMES HETFIELD!!! i.redd.it/9wdulx0ymfv41.jpg HELL YEAH BROTHER!!! /)/) ( 'ˬ') @(>_ )-b \) \)

  • Two Wheel Motoring
    Two Wheel Motoring3 dager siden


  • Project Hobby
    Project Hobby3 dager siden

    not a 5sec burnout only 3.5secs

  • Jim Stanley
    Jim Stanley3 dager siden

    Engine specs?

  • bob733333
    bob7333333 dager siden


  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse3 dager siden

    Why weren't they using their race headset radios? Perfect time to use them....

  • Tim Fitzgerald
    Tim Fitzgerald4 dager siden

    You guys have got your hands full. Better go & buy some nappies as your going to be filling them up😂

  • T Allen
    T Allen4 dager siden

    fuckin junk won't make it out the garage door.

  • Pierce Hawke
    Pierce Hawke4 dager siden

    What would be a hoot is to use your Chevy Caprice (Holden Caprice) police car 'pulling over' your XM/XP Falcon; being that both vehicles came from Australia

  • michael roberts
    michael roberts4 dager siden

    It's running a little rich...the carbs need to be adjusted!

  • Bill Dougan
    Bill Dougan4 dager siden

    Makes me want to watch 'Mad Max'. (1979).

  • S.O.S. Exploration
    S.O.S. Exploration4 dager siden

    Get some helicopter helmets with those special microphones to communicate to each other.

  • S.O.S. Exploration
    S.O.S. Exploration4 dager siden

    That looks like TowMater's cousin. *BlowMater* 😉

  • g
    g4 dager siden

    That parking lot was the sum of my life's goals

  • Groom Lake
    Groom Lake4 dager siden

    Enderle barrel valve 101... it ain’t easy😳🤣!!! You guys should try to put a Dial-A-Jet adjustable air bleed in the spot of one of them plugged hat nozzle lines on the injector hat. Being able to control the air mixture@ idle with out adjusting the butterfly’s and having to readjust the barrel valve linkage. Some people just you 1/8” MJV fittings with plugs.

  • Groom Lake
    Groom Lake4 dager siden

    🤣it ain’t easy adjusting a barrel valve to get blown gas or alky engine to idle right and not lope 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Hinkle
    Robert Hinkle4 dager siden

    What is it a Australian falcon

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall4 dager siden

    Why is it warbirds when the steering is on the wrong side ?

  • Stu Jones
    Stu Jones4 dager siden


  • gordie french
    gordie french4 dager siden

    Dadass with people holding there ears Love this

  • Maurie King
    Maurie King5 dager siden

    Ya bloody SOOK's better get used to the roudy noise a blown Donk can produce . Castlemain Boy's know EXACTLY what they are doing !!

  • Jerry O'Neal
    Jerry O'Neal5 dager siden

    That's a Very Very CRAZY Loud Car I think it's INSANE. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽☝🏽☝🏽🥳🥳🥳🕹🕹🎮🎮🌋🌋

  • Scott Parrish
    Scott Parrish5 dager siden

    Is your vet faster than a CW’s in Atlanta

  • OneChicago Bear
    OneChicago Bear5 dager siden

    Dumb ass video. U didnt drive it

  • Peter C.
    Peter C.5 dager siden

    Is this Xbox or is it real ?

  • Rainer Lootus
    Rainer Lootus5 dager siden

    This thing is rad!!

  • sweet70firebird
    sweet70firebird5 dager siden

    what an engine! amazing

  • Alberto Bustos
    Alberto Bustos5 dager siden

    Volante ala derecha de que país será?

  • Paul Dashwood
    Paul Dashwood5 dager siden

    That’s crazy well done guys .....

  • fish sticks
    fish sticks5 dager siden

    mud mower rally....

  • crispyspa
    crispyspa5 dager siden


  • Rebecca Kenworthy
    Rebecca Kenworthy5 dager siden

    First time I've watched this channel in about a year

  • Pʀᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ-ᗴᒪᗴᑕT*OʟᴅMa͢ᴛᴇ
    Pʀᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ-ᗴᒪᗴᑕT*OʟᴅMa͢ᴛᴇ5 dager siden

    Download burnout masters

  • AdamosDad
    AdamosDad5 dager siden

    Get some ear pro.

  • John Frink
    John Frink5 dager siden

    Fawking beautiful boyssss! LOVE IT!

  • John Moore
    John Moore5 dager siden

    There's an Australian flux capacitor on that

  • john westermark
    john westermark5 dager siden

    I want one!

  • angela prestwood
    angela prestwood5 dager siden

    tiny tires with a huge engine no wonder it eats tires

  • angela prestwood
    angela prestwood5 dager siden

    put some mufflers on the car then you might hear

  • john kaze
    john kaze5 dager siden

    I love this car if you can call it that lol xd. It's name should call The Demon!

  • Justin Lowery
    Justin Lowery5 dager siden

    The best part about this video is the mullet and the beard. End of story.

  • Kenneth Hylton
    Kenneth Hylton6 dager siden

    Its been maybe 2 years since i watched one of these videos...this dude has changed sooo much, doesn't even sound the same

  • P Botrel
    P Botrel6 dager siden

    Advertisements suck on NOlocal!!

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson6 dager siden

    I'd like to See What E.T. in 1/4 mile the Warbird will do

  • Marty Squires
    Marty Squires6 dager siden

    Like the sound that's a heck of a motor

  • Lucas Frazier
    Lucas Frazier6 dager siden

    That thing is so fucking mean

  • Donnie Gaskill
    Donnie Gaskill6 dager siden

    How about a drag race between you and the Hoonigan!!!!